RUD TM Mold Rotator 140,000 LBS Capacity

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The RUD TECDOS TM up-ending table, also referred to as a "turning crossbeam", "tool mover" or "tool-handling machine", turns, rotates, and tilts molds in a matter of seconds, at the touch of a button. The compact turning fixture does not need to be anchored to the floor. This means it can easily be moved using a forklift.

Turning injection molded tools and molds has never been so safe or so efficient. The payback period for the RUD TECDOS TM up-ending table is less than one year. This makes the RUD TECDOS TM the most cost-effective means of avoiding damage and risks to operator.

Advantages TECDOS TM:


  • RUD TECDOS TM handles tools without damaging them
  • Guarantees the safety of the operator
  • Ergonomic mold handling
  • Operation by a single employee
  • Turn tools and molds more quickly and cheaply
  • Robust, flexible, and low-maintenance turning fixture, tailored to suit your needs
  • Guarantee can be extended


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