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RUD TECDOS TSB Manual tool opener 5,500 Lbs Capacity

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The RUD TECDOS TSB tool opener enables uncomplicated opening and closing of molds and tools up to 5,500 pounds. Thanks to the mobility of the plates, the tool halves can be separated from each other by hand. Inspection, cleaning, and maintenance can be carried out directly on the tool opener.

Thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, the RUD TECDOS TSB can be used flexibly throughout the factory. 

Advantages of the RUD TECDOS TSB.


  • Suitable for injection molds up to 5,500 pounds
  • Manually guided and controlled opening of molds without the use of electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic auxiliary energy
  • 360° rotation of tool halves
  • Maintenance, assembly, or disassembly on the work surface
  • Direct opening and closing possible without time-consuming disassembly of hoses, connections, and other components
  • Optimization of tool handling processes by shortening the handling times and the operator’s working time
  • Prevention of damages to molds, machines, and the infrastructure