RUD TECDOS TS Tool Separator 22,050 Capacity

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Opens and closes tools and molds simply and accurately.

The RUD TECDOS TS tool separator opens and closes massively heavy tools and molds safely, at the touch of a button. The platform's ideal working height of just 15 inches ensures work can be performed ergonomically. The RUD TECDOS TS is designed to ensure safe, efficient, and cost-optimized mold handling.

Molds can be opened and closed quickly, easily, and safely with the RUD TECDOS TS tool separator.
It can be used with the RUD TECDOS TM, offering an ideal combination of a turning table and a tool separator.

Advantages TECDOS TS:


  • Mold halves can be opened gently and closed accurately with controlled force and speed
  • Precise and uncomplicated mold-handling
  • Assembly and maintenance work are reduced
  • Operator safety guaranteed
  • Less down time due to maintenance work
  • Optimized use of resources saves time and money
  • Ergonomic working positions at the tool
  • Guarantee can be extended

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