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Injection Mold Cleaners

The Nanoplas line of mold cleaners and degreasers were designed to clean the way professionals like you need them to clean: Quickly, thoroughly, and without residue. With superior cleaning agents to cut through tough buildup, a powerful direct-spray pattern to break up stubborn contaminants, and quick evaporation to help reduce the chance of grease breakdown or residue, our Power Clean, Mold Brite, and Safe-T-Clean are the answer. Our design allows users to spray at virtually any angle to get those hard-to-reach places, and doesn’t run out of propellant with product still in the can.

Specialty Cleaners

The Nanoplas line of specialty cleaners covers a range of applications, from general maintenance to unique applications like gas stain and rust removal. As with all of our products, we listened to our customers’ issues and developed solutions that go where other products haven’t been able to go. Zap-Ox, Zap-Ox NG™, Nano Mold Cleaner, and Kleen-All™ are designed to make the mold or general cleaning process move faster and more efficiently.

Read how each of these products can help your operation reduce costs and save time.