Windchill Cooling Fans (Purchase or Rent)

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Windchill Cooling Fans features an automatic control system. With a gentle touch, the water pump starts, wetting the cooling pads and starting the fan. With timed operation, air flow dries the cooling pads and automatically shuts off the unit after usage.

Sleek Design and smooth air flow  

High efficiency, quiet operation, and strong air flow  

5 adjustable speeds offering variety of air flow strengths  

Uses much less electricity compared to air conditioning and other evaporative cooling units  

Cooling pads have longer life compared to those of other evaporative cooling units  

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving  

Temperature LED display  

Operating time LED display  

Auto on/off timer LED display  

Fan speed LED display  

Upright design, space-saving  

Unit alerts with warning light and beeping sound when water level is low  

Built using FRP, increasing durability  


Virtually maintenance-free


Area coverd 2400sq feet 

Fan 1/2hp 110V

Pump 0.3hp 110v

Water reservoir 17 gallons  

Dimensions H 171cm W 107cm D 68cm