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Wiz-E Series all electric

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Standard Equipment


Clamping Unit

Auto Lubrication Device

Tab Hole For Robot Installation

Hydraulic Ejector(A-Circuit)

Hydraulic Ejector(B-Circuit)

Ejector Preserve Circuit

Reducing Speed & Pressure for Mold


Trying to Close the Mold Again with

Mold Protection

Automatic Mold Set-up Advice

Support for Moving Platen

Multi-ejection & Vibrating Ejection

Mold Clamp(Manual)

Product Receiver

Air Blow off Unit

T-slot Platen

Injection Unit

Wear Resistant Bimetallic Barrel

Screw for General Purpose

Cable Heater for Nozzle Zone

Heater Cover

Pre-Heating Temperature Control

Injection Ram Advance and Retract


Injection Unit Swiveling Device

Nozzle-Open Type

Nozzle Retract Timing Selector

Screw Back Pressure Regulator

Screw Cold start Prevention Device

Screw Suck Back

Screw Tip (for General Resins, Nonreturn


Nozzle Safety Cover With Interlock

Back Pressure Relieving Circuit


Instruction Manual

Standard Machine Color

Level Pad

Electric System

Abnormal Operation Warning Device


Abnormal Operation Indicating Device

Emergency Stop Push Button

Automatic Barrel Heat-up Control Device

Safety Gates With Interlocks

Shot Counter and Count up Detection

for Target Production

Nozzle Temperature Control by SSR

Alarm Light

Automatic Purge Circuit

Ethernet Port for Remote Monitoring


Heater Band Failure Indicator

Automatic Power Shut-Down Circuit

Safety Door Open Interlock Circuit

Valve Gate Circuit

Eject Retract Circuit

Robot Interlock Circuit

Injection Control

9 Stage Speed & 9 Stage Pressure


Closed Loop

Automatic Reducing Back Pressure


Injection Pressure Restriction Control

Screw RPM Control

Screw Back Pressure Control

Auxiliary Pressure Response Control

Heater Control

• Heater Band Failure Indicator

Clamping Unit High Speed 4 Stages


Ejector Control


Quality Monitoring / Alarm

- Cycle Time / Ejecting Time /

ChargingTime / Plasticizing Time /

Injection Start Position / Holding

Pressure Shifting Position / Cushion

Position / Max. Injection Position

Process Warning

- Overrunning Abnormal / Charging Time

Abnormal / Plasticizing Time Abnormal

Digital Indicates

- Screw Position / Rpm / Back Pressure /

Injection Pressure / Clamping

Open & Close Position /

Ejector Position / Nozzle &

Barrel Temperature

Data Management

Save Mold Data Up to 100 Molds

Mold Card Interface / Inner Memory


Digital Setting

• Injection Speed / Pressure / Position,

Screw Back Pressure / rpm / Nozzle,

Barrel Temperature / Open & Closing

Time / Position / Clamping Force /

Ejector Forward / Back

Speed / Position /

Ejector Force



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