The ONE Series Servo Hydraulic

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Standard options


Injection Unit

Wear Resistant Bimetallic Barrel

Screw (For General Resins)

Closed Loop Control for Injection Process

Ceramic Band Heater

Cable Heater for Nozzle Zone

Heater Cover

Pre-Heating Temperature Control

Safety Cover for Injection Unit

(Operating Side Only)

Screw Back Pressure Regulator

Screw Cold Start Preventing Device

Screw Drive Hydraulic Motor

Screw 1st and 2nd Suck Back

Screw Tip (For General Resins,

Non-Return Valve Type)

Injection Speed &Pressure

Control Device


Hydraulic System

Clamping Pressure Holding Circuit

Selectable Clamp Pump Unloading

Circuit During Cooling Time

Back Pressure Relieving Circuit

Hydro match System(Multi-Pump)

Injection Pressure Holding Circuit

Mold Open/Close Hydraulic Brake Circuit

Abnormal Hyd. Oil Temperature Detector

Hyd. Oil Warming-Up Device

Oil Cleaning System (Filter Type)

Oil Cooler & Level Gauge

Solenoid Valve (With Indicator Light)


Electric System

Closed Loop Controller

(HICOM-5000 Injection Unit)

Abnormal Operation Warning


Abnormal Operation Indicating Device

Intrusion Circuit

Emergency Stop Push Button Switch

Automatic Barrel Heat-Up Control Device

Safety Gate With Interlocks

Shot Counter and Count Up Detection

for Target Production

PID Temperature Control (J-Type)

Nozzle Temperature Control by SSR

Abnormal Operation Alarm Lamp

Automatic Purge Circuit

Automatic Power Shut Down Circuit

Clamping Unit

Automatic Lubrication Device

Mold Clamps(Manual)

Overrun Prevention Device

Holes Tapped for Installation of Robot

Mechanical safety device(KC Standard)

Hydraulic Ejector (A-Circuit)

Low-Pressure Speed Circuit for Mold

Set-Up and Mold Protection

Try Again Mold Close Circuit with

Mold Protection

Clamping Position Adjusting


High Speed MoldOpen/Close

Adjusting Device

Quick Mold OpeningCircuit

Safety Gate &Covers

Support for MovingPlaten


Multi-Ejection (Up to 9Times)

and VibrationEjection

Dual Hydraulic Core Puller (A & C)

Hydraulic Ejector BCircuit


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