SmartTech™ Mold Setter Pro (optimal for 6 seats )

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2 Days On-Site Training + 12 Advanced Online Courses

The SmartTech™ Mold Setter class provides participants with an understanding of die setting concerns — including changeover prep, automation, mold change, material drying, and effective purging — teaching your employees how to quickly, safely, and efficiently perform a mold change. This class is ideal for any employee involved in mold change processes at your facility.

Prior to the event, participants are required to take online courses to prepare them for focused technical discussions and labs. This preparatory online training allows the instructor to better focus the discussions on your equipment and materials during the actual training session. Online training is also used after the on-site visit — to reinforce and expand upon concepts learned during the hands-on training sessions.

This 2-Day training event develops advanced skills, such as material drying, barrel purging, mold removal, mold installation, and mold transportation. We also offer an optional 1-day add-on workshop to further develop your employees’ die-setting and mold changeover skills.

The SmartTech™ Mold Setter program combines:

  • Pre-Requisite Online Training
  • Face-to-Face Instruction
  • Hands-On Skills Development
  • Post-Requisite Online Training
  • SmartTech™ Mold Setter Completion Exam

Prerequisite Online Training

6 Online Courses

  • Injection Molding Basics: Machine, Process, and Mold
  • Material Drying Technology for Scientific Molding, Course 1
  • Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molding, Part 1
  • Purging Techniques for Scientific Molders

Day 1 : Classroom Discussion Topics

  • Molding Safety
  • Material Drying
  • Purging Basics
  • Die Setting: Preparation

Day 1 : Practical Skill Development

  • Practical Safety Overview
  • Material Dryer Cleaning & Operation
  • Efficient Barrel Purging
  • Die Setting: Preparation

Day 2 : Discussion Topics & Practical Skill Development

  • Die Setting : Mold Removal
  • Die Setting : Mold Transportation
  • Die Setting : Mold Installation

Post-Requisite Online Training

6 Online Courses

  • Process Documentation for Scientific Molders
  • Material Drying Technology for Scientific Molding, Course 2
  • Purging Procedures for Scientific Molders
  • Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molding, Part 2
  • Math for Scientific Molders, Part 1
  • Injection Mold Maintenance

SmartTech™ Mold Setter Completion Exam

The areas being tested in this exam include:

  • Injection Molding Safety
  • Injection Mold Basics
  • General Molding Process
  • Plastics Material Basics
  • Die Setting
  • Material Handling
  • Scientific Purging