PMI High Performance Semi-Synthetic EP 1.5 Machine Slide and Bearing Grease

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PMI Semi-Synthetic Grease Red EP 1.5

PMI Semi-Synthetic Red EP 1.5 Grease is a multipurpose extreme
pressure lithium complex grease, made from a combination of highly refined and synthetic base
oils together with specialty additives to meet those tough performance and service
requirements. This product is a cost effective all season multipurpose grease, which has good
oxidation and rust protection, load carrying capability and water washout resistance. The grease
is designed to have good low temperature pumpability for a wide operating temperature range
performance. This grease is formulated to give your equipment the highest levels of protection
and lubrication.

• Highly visible Red grease for quick visual inspection
• All-climate, year round performance that has an excellent wide temperature operating
range of -35 ºC (-31ºF) to 170 ºC (338 ºF)
• Excellent low temperature mobility

• Longer Life than Typical Mineral Oil Based Lubricants
• Water Resistant
• Oxidation & Corrosion Protection
• Minimizing Leakage
• Superior Pumpability at low temperatures
• Will not harden in storage