PMI EP1 Machine Slide and Bearing Grease 10 pack

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PMI  EP 1 Grease technologically patented and advanced grease has been developed by complexing modified overbased calcium sulphonates. This product combines three areas of superior high technology chemistries namely:

use of low viscosity base oils in a soft grade of grease, a proven antioxidant chemistry that out performs other greases, and the latest in calcium sulphonate complex grease thickeners. These chemistries are characterized by exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, high dropping point, improved resistance to oxidation, high load carrying and wear protection and excellent resistance to water and corrosion. The use of low viscosity base oil and a soft grade provides much better mobility at low temperatures, considerably reduces wear and friction, reduces maintenance costs and reduces grease consumption. This technology equals and in many ways outperforms other premium, high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex and Polyurea.


  • • Thermal and Mechanical Stability
  • • Load Carrying & Wear Protection inherent in the EP & AW properties of the thickener
  • • Corrosion Resistance
  • • Resistance to Oxidation
  • • Excellent resistance to Water Wash Out
  • • Environmentally friendly due to no heavy metals or other aggressive additives harmful to the environment


  • PMI EP 1 Grease is formulated to provide low temperature mobility and performance
  • • Superior mechanical stability versus other thickeners, particularly in the presence water
  • • Reduces bearing wear, extends equipment life and protects bearings under heavy loads
  • • Stays in place in wet and marine applications
  • • High dropping point
  • • Excellent EP and AW properties inherent in the thickener
  • • Sulfonates are known and used for their excellent rust prevention properties and this property is inherent in the thickener
  • • The use of premium antioxidants ensures excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • • Excellent resistance to water washout and will easily outperform all other technologies


PMI EP 1 Grease is a multipurpose industrial bearing grease formulated using low viscosity mineral oil in a soft grade and is specifically designed to work well at low temperatures. It is suitable for high speed bearings, as well as low temperature applications.