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Flexible feeder and sorter

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Why we created this solution

In a production environment where parts feeders and sorters are deployed, moving a feeder between lines or processes is time-consuming and requires extensive configuration and testing during the commissioning process. As we developed automated feeder/sorters for clients we began to formally identify a spectrum of essential characteristics and features every world-class sorter required.  We have developed a turn-key, flexible feeder sorter system that can be rapidly deployed on your line and easily moved to new processes faster and more easily than any other solution in the marketplace.  

During deployment or redeployment, the SkyeFlex Sorter uses our proprietary machine intelligence software to quickly identify the characteristics of the parts to be sorted and can be in service in less than 30 minutes. 

The base SkyeFlex system is a pre-built vision guided flexible automation cell. It can be easily integrated into any number of applications or larger projects, offering a high degree of flexibility to your manufacturing process. With expansion capabilities utilizing advanced machine vision software, the SkyeFlex feeding system is ready to be deployed into a applications such as quality sorting, parts feeding into secondary processes, assembly automation, etc.