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Tuff-Kote Case Study: Polymics Increased Production Capacity by 3900%

Tuff-Kote Case Study: Polymics Increased Production Capacity by 3900%

Posted by Nanoplas Inc. on 2021 Sep 24th


Polymics, LTD – an engineering polymer developer and manufacturer headquartered in State College, PA


Tuff-Kote™ Heavy Duty Mold Release

Problems Experienced by Customer

Part sticking to mold, causing an increase in downtime

Part getting damaged during ejection, resulting in low output

Extremely frequent re-application of current mold release product, wasting time and money

Background and Solution

Polymics was developing a new resin compound for a customer. The compound was for a 3D printing application and liked to adhere to metal. With their current mold release product, they could only get 5 shots before needing to reapply. They applied Tuff-Kote, a long-lasting mold release for difficult-to-release parts that works with low to high temperatures.


Using Tuff-Kote, Polymics saw a dramatic 3900% increase in production capacity, going from 5 shots to over 200 shots in a run. Not having to reapply the mold release every 5 shots also significantly cut their downtime and product use.


I cleaned the mold and applied Tuff-Kote Heavy Duty Mold Release. With just the first application, I was able to produce over 200 shots with no sticking issues whatsoever. [The Tuff-Kote] product performed better than expected. It lasted longer than other mold release products I’ve tried, saving time and money.

Michael Longdon

Injection Molding Supervisor, Polymics, LTD.